Preparing for a Spring Sale

Thinking of selling your home? I’m sure your not the only one who has contemplated this idea as we are quickly approaching the Spring Real Estate Market. I know, I know it’s minus 30 out the first week of February and it doesn’t seem like spring is around the corner, but time does fly and the weather changes quickly in Alberta. In no time the snow will be melting, the air will be full of optimism and ambition as the days get longer with more sunlight.
Being a well rounded student of a smooth and efficient home sale takes a bit of studying and proper preparation to ensure a successful sale. Here some points to consider when preparing for the Spring Real Estate Market as a Seller.
  1. Hire a Realtor to assist with your home sale, it will save a lot of headaches and keep you well informed about market activity. It’s all about knowing your market and a real estate agent can help you with this. 
  2. Make sure to de clutter and minimize house contents, this is the first step of having a show ready home that does not create distractions for potential buyers.
  3. Take the time to address and fix dings, imperfections, or upgrade paint and cosmetic items.
  4. Treat your home sale as a business. You are in competition with other neighbours on the block selling possibly the same type of home, what makes your home better than theirs? 
  5. What should I sell for? This is a big factor in the number of showings you gain in a tight market. Buyers are well informed with their agents and research on their own time. Good pricing always attracts buyers, so keep this in mind as buyers know market pricing. 
  6. Since your in the business to sell your beautiful home to a new family, try to make the sale attractive by offering incentives or add ons. Creativity can never be underestimated.
  7. Always aim to be a committed seller. Make sure you are doing everything you can to assist in the sale of your home. A committed seller makes sure the home is clean and spotless for showings, has flexibility for buyer and Realtor showings of the home, and addresses items of concern or repair within the home. Why wait for a buyer to see an issue and create a negative thought on your home? Get out in front of items and make a good presentation from the day your home hits the market.

These are some items to help with a sale of a home but are definitely not limited to just these. For more information on this topic of a Spring Sale, contact your local real estate agent Jamelle who can help!