As the days get longer and the sun begins to shine, YEGGERS welcome spring with open arms. We have just conquered the coldest February in 40 years, and we can slowly begin to see the boulevards within the city get greened up with the spring city clean up. 
What about your yard? What is your plan to clean up around your home as you begin to spend more time outside instead of in? Below will be a list of some items that can be on your to do list to ensure a clean and efficient start to a better yard for summer.

  1. Winter can take its toll on the exterior of the home. Wood, stucco, and other types of siding should be checked for chipped or peeling paint, cracks within, and general wear and tear. A good walk around the house ensures you know the physical condition of your home and possible issues that could give problems in the summer months with rain and other elements.
  2. Clean gutters and down spouts. The fall season brings leaves that can enter these essential water exit systems within your home roofing system. With blockages and impeded down spouts, this can cause potential water build up within areas of your roof with possible water intrusion into the home. Never under estimate the ability and damage water can do. Extend all down spouts away from the foundation of the property for ground water control.
  3. Check for damaged tree branches or limbs. This can create a potential safety hazard. Call a qualified professional to attend to these issues.
  4. Manicure your lawn. Giving your grass a nice rake and clean up gets rid of the dead thatch on your lawn, giving your spring lawn an opportunity to come out of hibernation and with an improved look. There are various YEG companies that offer the spring clean up services for around $150/ yard making the process that much easier. Check it out on places like KIJIJI CLASSIFIEDS!
  5. Inspect underground sprinkler systems for functionality and sprinkler head condition. Heads may break off from the winter shovelling or other unintentional contact. Run the system to check the spray patterns on the heads and to make sure there are no damaged lines from the Alberta freeze n’ thaw.
  6. Inspect your sump pump if your home is equipped with one. Your sump pump is a vital mechanical tool in conjunction with your homes weeping tile. The weeping tile is a pipe around the home’s foundation that periodically collects ground water around the structure, and discharges it via city sewer/neighbourhood DRAIN systems. 
Of course with a home your maintenance is not limited to just these items however this is a great way to start the outdoor projects now that spring has sprung!