The 4 Types of People You Can Expect to Visit Your Open House

Common Types of People that Visit Open Houses

In today’s world of advanced technology, the jury is still out on whether open houses are even worth the effort or not anymore. Having said that, many home sellers still host open houses with the hope that they will bring in a few extra home buyers. So, just what type of people attend open houses? Anyone is entitled to drop in, but in the list below, we divulge a few of the more common types of people you may see at your open house. 

1. The Home Buyer

This is the person the open house is intended for. This person is serious about buying a home and is hopefully pre-approved for a loan. This person may have already put offers on other houses but is still looking for that right combination of price, location, and condition. Unfortunately, the home buyer isn’t as prevalent at open houses as sellers would like them to be as most serious buyers tour homes privately with their agents before an open house allows everyone else inside. 

2. The Nosy Neighbor

Every open house attracts one or two – that neighbor who just has to know what everyone else is doing in the neighborhood. This visitor is typically harmless, but be warned, she will spread the word quickly should she find anything out of place in your home. The nosy neighbor isn’t always looking to spread gossip, though. Some neighbors will visit an open house just to do a comparison with their own home in the event they are selling soon, too. 

3. The Real Estate Agent

There are several reasons a real estate agent may want to visit your open house. For example, the agent may be viewing the home for a client who isn’t able to visit in person. Alternatively, she may have offered you advice for selling your home but then lost the listing to another agent. She just came by to see if you took her advice or not. And lastly, agents often use open houses as business opportunities. They can meet potential sellers and hand out business cards without appearing pushy. 

4. The Criminal

An open house gives anyone an invitation to come into your home – even thieves. If you are hosting an open house, keep this in mind and remove any valuables on display as part of the staging process. While theft can certainly happen during the open house, some criminals visit open houses to scope out the goods and then come back later to do the actual crime.  The reality is you just don’t know who’s coming to your open house. From scheming criminals to opportunistic agents to nosy neighbors, anyone could be walking around your home. Hopefully, a serious homebuyer or two will also attend your open house.